What Adjusters Don’t Say: Here’s What You Should Know

Insurance adjusters play a very important role in investigating, managing and resolving workers’ compensation claims. While these professionals can be friendly and seem like they are on your side as your pursue a claim, however, you should be aware that insurance adjusters:

  • Are generally NOT on your side
  • Will not usually be looking out for your best interest or welfare
  • Are, instead, typically out to protect the insurer and limit payouts
  • Often undervalue claims – if not outright deny legitimate claims

This can end up meaning that injured workers don’t get the benefits they need and deserve.

To prevent this from happening, it is crucial that injured workers retain an experienced lawyer – like a trusted Louisville workers compensation attorney at Murphy & Associates, PLC – to protect their rights, interests and potential entitlements.

Your Adjuster Likely Won’t Tell You That…

  • Doctors do not always get it right and may be partial to the insurer – In fact, insurance adjusters usually won’t let you know that physicians can make wrong calls when it comes to issuing disability ratings, impairment ratings, decisions that people have reached maximum medical improvement, etc. In some cases, this can be due to the fact that insurers have long-standing relationships with doctors who tend to make diagnoses/determinations favoring insurance companies’ interests (rather than the best interests and wellbeing of injured workers).For instance, a doctor may be inclined to say that an injured worker is ready to return to work far earlier than he may actually be due to an existing relationship with/partiality to an insurer.
  • Insurance companies can make mistakes or wrong decisions – Another thing insurance adjusters won’t tell you is that they too can make mistakes or wrong decisions. In fact, legitimate workers compensation claims are commonly undervalued or even denied because insurance adjusters make mistakes or simply issue an inappropriate decision.Often, this stems from adjusters playing on injured workers’ need for money (as in the case of low-balling settlement offers) and/or knowing that injured workers are not aware of their rights (and that they can appeal denials).
  • A denial of a claim is NOT the last word – When insurance adjusters deny a claim or wrongfully terminate benefits early, they probably also will not tell you that you can appeal these decisions. In fact, many appeals – with the help of an experienced attorney – result in approvals of previously denied claims or reinstatement of benefit payments.
  • Retaining a lawyer can be key to protecting your rights and obtaining benefits – Ultimately, the most important piece of information that adjusters likely won’t tell you is that it’s in your best interests to retain an attorney.

The Bottom Line: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

The bottom line is that:

  • There is a lot that insurance adjusters probably won’t tell you as your pursue a workers’ compensation claim.
  • What you don’t know CAN hurt you, as it can lead to you not getting the full amount of benefits you deserve.
  • Insurance adjusters are NOT on your side.
  • With one of our experienced Louisville workers comp lawyers on your side, you can be confident that your rights and interests will be protected when dealing with insurance adjusters and that your claim will be brought to a successful resolution.

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