What are Possible Hit and Run Defenses?

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A hit and run situation is typically defined as a motorist who failed to stop to give their name, insurance and contact information, and a driver’s license number after being involved in car collision. A hit and run can also occur when no other person is present. For instance, if a motorist accidentally backs into another vehicle or side swipes another car and they fail to leave a note on the other person’s vehicle.

The following are some well-known defenses that a Louisville car accident lawyer could use to defend someone charged with a hit-and-run defense:

Emergency – In rare cases, a hit and run is excusable if the motorist was experiencing some kind of emergency, such as rushing a dying person to the hospital. However, the judge or court use very strict guidelines when determining if the event warranted an emergency.

Involuntary Intoxication – This would most likely be if a defendant was prescribed the wrong medication or if they were involuntarily given something without their knowing it. Both situations would probably be very difficult to prove too.

Lack of knowledge – The defendant’s lawyers would have to prove the defendant was unaware of any damage or injury caused before leaving the scene of the accident. The defendant could still be found negligent and possibly even reckless in behavior as they would have had reasonable cause to be aware of any possible damage that could have taken place.

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