When Truck Accidents Cause Spinal Cord Injuries

While truck accidents can cause various types of serious injuries, when these injuries impact the spinal cord, people can be left with permanent impairments that:

  • Limit their mobility
  • Possibly prevent them from being able to live independently

What can be just as tragic as the impacts of truck accidents, however, is the knowledge that these collisions could have been prevented if another party had been more careful or responsible.

At Murphy & Associates, PLC, our Louisville attorneys are dedicated to helping people succeed in their financial recovery after truck accidents cause spinal cord injuries. While our lawyers will work diligently to prepare our clients the strongest possible cases, they will also aggressively protect survivors’ interests and fight for their rights to justice and compensation in any legal setting.

How Truck Accidents Cause Spinal Cord Injuries

When trucks collide with passenger vehicles, motorcycle riders or anyone else on the road, accident victims are more likely to sustain spinal cord injuries when:

  • Vehicles are crushed in the accident because, for instance, rollovers, jackknife accidents or even underride accidents have occurred.
  • Victims are thrown from vehicles and/or are directly hit by trucks (or other vehicles following the initial impact from the truck).

Some research has indicated that as many as 40 percent of all spinal cord injuries sustained by Americans each year are caused by truck accidents and other types of motor vehicle collisions.1

Signs of Truck Accident Spinal Cord Injuries

Some of common signs that truck accident survivors may have sustained a spinal cord injury can include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Back and/or neck pain (that can extend down to the hips)
  • Loss of back mobility
  • Loss of sensation and/or tingling in the extremities
  • Loss of control of the limbs
  • Bowel and/or bladder control problems
  • Other organ function problems
  • Paraplegia or quadriplegia

In the most serious cases, spinal cord injuries can impact people’s ability to breath on their own.

Financial Recovery for Truck Accident Spinal Cord Injuries

The amount of the compensation for spinal cord injuries caused by truck accidents will vary from case to case (depending on the nature/severity of the injury and other losses). Generally, however, this compensation can cover:

  • Past medical bills
  • Ongoing treatment costs
  • Lost wages and future inability to earn a living
  • Permanent impacts to survivors’ quality of life
  • Pain and suffering

Louisville Truck Accident Lawyer at Murphy & Associates, PLC

Have you or someone you love suffered a spinal cord injury in a truck accident? If so, it’s time to contact a trusted Louisville truck accident lawyer at Murphy & Associates, PLC. When you rely on our esteemed attorneys, you can count on them to:

  • Work relentlessly to build you the strongest possible case
  • Hold negligent parties accountable for causing your spinal cord injuries
  • Help you succeed in your financial recovery so you can focus on physical recovery and future


1: According to the Mayo Clinic