Failure to Maintain Trucks & Defective Truck Equipment

>Commercial trucks typically travel thousands of miles annually. Over the course of these travels, equipment will naturally wear down, possibly compromising the safe operation of trucks.

While federal trucking regulations require that these vehicles are regularly inspected to identify – and repair – such issues, truck drivers and/or trucking companies do not always live up to these obligations, and this can:

  • Significantly increase the risk of vehicle equipment failures
  • Result in serious truck accidents
  • Lead to devastating, possibly fatal, injuries

At Murphy & Associates, PLC, our Louisville truck accident attorneys are skilled at:

  • Determining when a failure to maintain trucks and equipment failures have contributed to accidents
  • Holding the negligent parties accountable for causing preventable truck accidents
  • Helping injured people obtain the compensation and the justice they deserve after truck accidents

Requirements for Maintaining Trucks

Various federal trucking regulations detail the requirements for inspecting and maintaining commercial trucks. Specifically, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces regulations regarding:

  • How frequently trucks are to be inspected – While periodic maintenance inspections (PMIs) may be required at least once annually, truckers are obligated to conduct their own inspections on trucks’ equipment before each trip they make (i.e., any time they are getting ready to start a new haul).
  • How these inspections should be conducted – In particular, there are specific requirements regarding which equipment should be checked and when that equipment should be repaired or replaced.
  • How truck inspections and repairs are to be documented/recorded – While inspection and repair reports have to be developed to document that these steps were taken, they also have to be retained by truckers/trucking companies for a certain amount of time (usually at least 30 days).

It’s important to note here that:

  • These are not the only regulations regarding inspecting and maintaining trucks.
  • These regulations can change, as the FMCSA updates them regularly/as needed.

When Failure to Maintain Trucks Leads to Equipment Failures

When truck drivers and/or trucking companies’ fail to abide by their obligations to inspect and properly maintain trucks, vital equipment on these trucks can malfunction. Specifically, failures to maintain trucks often lead to problems with:

  • Tires, which can lead to tire tread issues and/or tire blowouts
  • Brakes, which can mean that it takes longer to stop trucks or even that brake failures occur
  • Steering mechanisms, reducing drivers’ abilities to safely control vehicles
  • Coupling devices, which can increase the risk of jackknifes, rollovers, etc.
  • Other essential safety equipment, such as lights/reflectors, wipers, defrosters, mirrors, underride protections/guards, etc.

Louisville Truck Accident Lawyer at Murphy & Associates, PLC

When a failure to maintain trucks leads to equipment failures and truck accidents, it is time to contact a trusted Louisville truck accident lawyer at Murphy & Associates, PLC.

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