Truck Accidents Involving Alcohol or Drug Impairment

The strict deadlines and other stresses associated with the trucking industry can lead some drivers to abuse alcohol and/or drugs. In fact, when truckers are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs – even legal or prescribed drugs – their perception, judgement and reaction times can be significantly impaired, increasing the risk that truck accidents will occur.

At Murphy & Associates, PLC, our Louisville truck accident attorneys have extensive experience holding impaired truckers accountable for causing accidents and injuring our clients. We know how to stand up to trucking companies and insurers, and we will not back down until our clients are able to secure the justice and compensation they deserve.

Important Facts about Alcohol, Drug Use & Truck Accidents

While it’s illegal for any motorist to drive when drunk or under the influence of drugs, there are some stricter regulations that apply to commercial truck drivers (i.e., motorists with CDLs). In fact, according to federal trucking regulations:

  • The legal limit for truck drivers is half of what it is for motorists with standard drivers’ licenses. Specifically, while the limit for the average motorist is 0.08, the legal limit for commercial truck drivers is 0.04. In some states, this legal limit will apply to drivers with CDLs even if they are not operating commercial vehicles.
  • Truck drivers are prohibited from consuming alcohol within four (4) hours of starting a shift (i.e., being “on-duty”) and/or getting behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.
  • Truck drivers can be deemed to be impaired if they take over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs that affect their abilities to operate a vehicle. In other words, the use of illegal drugs may not be the only prohibited drug use for truckers who are on duty.

When Impaired Truckers Cause Accidents: Options for Financial Recovery

When a drunk or drugged truck driver causes a collision, injured parties may have a few different options for financial recovery. In particular, some of these options can include (but may not be limited to) suing:

  • The truck driver, with evidence of impairment potentially arising from police reports and/or criminal DUI cases truckers may be facing
  • The trucking company, in the event that the company failed to screen its drivers for drugs/alcohol use, failed to conduct background checks on drivers (to check for a history of DUI) prior to hiring them, etc.

Louisville Truck Accident Lawyer at Murphy & Associates, PLC

Have you been hurt by an impaired trucker? If so, it is time to contact a trusted Louisville truck accident lawyer at Murphy & Associates, PLC. Our team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing our clients with aggressive legal advocacy in order to:

  • Hold negligent truckers (and other parties) accountable for injuring our clients
  • Help our clients bring their cases to successful resolutions

Our goal is to maximize our clients’ financial recoveries so they can focus on getting better and moving on with their lives.

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