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Kentucky Elevator and Escalator Accidents Pose Serious Threats

Most people can remember that fear as a child when they stood at the bottom of an escalator and tried to get up the nerve to jump onto it.  As adults, there might be that moment when the elevator car lurches and the thought of a possible drop elevates the heart rate.  Although these fears are generally unfounded, escalators and elevators do lead to injuries every day across America.  Some of these accidents are fatal. In Lexington in 2018, an HVAC worker and father of five fell to his death down an open elevator shaft, according to WKYT. In Louisville, [...]

April 11th, 2019|

Kentucky Personal Injury Attorneys Explain How Loose Animals are a Danger in Vehicles

There are many different things that can distract a driver, but one of the things that cause severe accidents about which many people do not think is having a pet in the car.  An animal who is not secured in a travel crate or harness may distract a driver from the road or may interfere with a driver’s ability to operate the vehicle. Despite the fact that animals pose a significant danger, only one state, Hawaii, has a specific rule prohibiting animals from traveling on the lap of the driver.  However, other states will cite drivers for traveling with pets in [...]

March 21st, 2019|

Louisville Motorcyle Accident Lawyer Discusses High Performance Motorcycles and Devastating Crashes

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to enjoy being on the road, with the ability to appreciate the landscape and enjoy the feel of the wind generated by traveling at highway speeds.  However, when the motorcycle is created for very high speeds, it may be tempting to do more than the speed limit, which can have highly tragic results. There are many risks for motorcyclists in addition to other vehicles, which include potholes and other uneven road surfaces, debris in the road lost from cars and trucks, wet or slippery roads, and even dead animals.  When these risks are combined with narrower [...]

March 11th, 2019|

3 Common Myths about Drunk Driving Dispelled

While driver negligence often plays a role in causing traffic accidents, one of the most common and egregious forms of this negligence is drunk driving, which is illegal in every state in the U.S. and, yet, still happens all too often. Drunk driving has been a threat to public safety on the roads for decades, and understanding the facts about it can help motorists make better decisions – especially if they enjoy alcohol every now and again. Misconceptions about Drunk Driving Debunked Myth 1: Having one or two drinks will not affect someone’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Common drunk [...]

February 18th, 2019|


ARGUMENT Gary Bryant and Erica Brown were denied the right to due process. Due process is one of the most fundamental rights in our legal system.  Erica Brown and Gary Bryant were denied due process when the circuit court entered an order compelling them to appear for a pre-litigation deposition.  The circuit court’s order was entered prior to the opportunity for Appellants to respond. Appellants’ use of Jefferson Circuit Local Rule 401 is correct in this matter.  JRP 401 deals with dispositive motions.  The motion filed by Allstate in this case was a dispositive motion, which is why this appeal [...]

January 29th, 2019|


304.39-010 Policy and purpose.   The toll of about 20,000,000 motor vehicle accidents nationally and comparable experience in Kentucky, upon the interests of the victims, the public, policyholders and others require that improvements in the reparations provided for herein be adopted to effect the following purposes: (1) To require owners, registrants and operators of motor vehicles in the Commonwealth to procure insurance covering basic reparation benefits and legal liability arising out of ownership, operation or use of such motor vehicles;   (2) To provide prompt payment to victims of motor vehicle accidents without regard to whose negligence caused the accident [...]

January 29th, 2019|