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Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Charter Bus Accidents

  Everyone has seen them and many people have ridden in them – those charter buses that range from the practical, yet uncomfortable, to the decked out luxury buses stocked with every possible amenity.  Usually, when a group hires one of these buses, it is to get to a location safely together, but when there are problems with the bus, it can lead to a terrible accident. These charter buses are hired out to transport groups of people, so it is critical that they are maintained properly in order to accomplish this task safely.  These buses are regulated under the [...]

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Kentucky Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss Dump Truck Accidents

While there are many large commercial trucks on the road, dump trucks pose a unique threat to other drivers due to their excessive weight and size.  The type of cargo transported by dump trucks also has a lot to do with the serious nature of the accidents with which they are involved.  Many times, these trucks are used to transport construction waste from the numerous sites across Kentucky.  This means that they may be loaded up with loose debris, including partially demolished concrete, gravel, materials removed from the earth as part of the construction process, and other heavy debris that [...]

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Louisville Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss the Dangers of Road Rage

Many factors contribute to automobile accidents. Unfortunately, many of these factors include negligence on the part of one or more drivers, because of impairment, speeding, or driving recklessly. While less common than other factors, another cause of dangerous automobile accidents is road rage. Road rage can include making lewd gestures or yelling at another driver, or may escalate to behavior that is more dangerous. In extreme road rage cases, one or more drivers may present weapons, may attempt to intimidate other drivers, or may even try to cause accidents. No matter what the situation may be, road rage is dangerous [...]

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Louisville Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Damage Awards & Soft Tissue Injuries

When a person has been injured in a car accident, there are many types of injuries from which a victim may suffer. Although the debilitating pain may be equivalent for a fractured femur and a lower back sprain, the person suffering from the soft tissue injury may face a greater challenge in obtaining the compensation that he deserves. This is because insurance companies fight harder when the medical proof is more difficult to establish, regardless of the fact that the person is suffering the same as someone who can present x-rays and other hard evidence about the harm that he [...]

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How Does Insurance Coverage Impact You After a Car Accident?

The type of insurance coverage that parties to a car accident have has a serious impact on the monetary compensation available to the people who suffered harm as a result of the accident. In Kentucky, there is a “no-fault” insurance rule that applies to those who operate motor vehicles. What this means is that when two drivers get involved in a vehicle accident, the insurance of each driver will cover the cost of the injuries suffered by each person, unless there are exemptions that apply to the situation. However, drivers in Kentucky have the choice of selecting traditional insurance coverage [...]

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Kentucky Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Three Common Car Crash Injuries

A car crash may involve another vehicle hitting a car that is stopped at a traffic light, broadsiding a vehicle in an intersection, slamming into a car in a head-on wreck, or a number of other serious impacts. This leads to many different types of injuries from cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injury. There are some injuries that are common, even in low speed accidents. The three most common types of injuries are headaches, sprains and strains of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and whiplash. Headaches – Most people who are involved in a car crash will suffer from [...]

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