Riding a motorcycle is a great way to enjoy being on the road, with the ability to appreciate the landscape and enjoy the feel of the wind generated by traveling at highway speeds.  However, when the motorcycle is created for very high speeds, it may be tempting to do more than the speed limit, which can have highly tragic results.

There are many risks for motorcyclists in addition to other vehicles, which include potholes and other uneven road surfaces, debris in the road lost from cars and trucks, wet or slippery roads, and even dead animals.  When these risks are combined with narrower tires of a high performance bike and higher speeds, the potential for a terrible accident increases tremendously. There are two types of high performance bikes, which are:

  • Supersport Bikes – These bikes were designed for motorcycle racing, but many of them have been modified for use on highways.  The bikes are designed to be exceptionally lightweight, yet they have very powerful engines that allow the bikes to travel up to 160 miles per hour.  These bikes usually are driven by individuals under the age of 30, so there is a greater risk for dangerous behavior, which has been shown to exist in younger riders.
  • Sport Bikes – These also are designed to be lighter and more powerful, but the ratio of horsepower to weight is lower and they do not have the top speeds of the supersport bikes.  Riders of these bikes tend to be 34 years of age or younger, so the demographic that prefers these bikes also tend to be greater risk takers.

These high performance bikes can be a lot of fun to ride, but it is important to be careful in order to avoid accidents.  However, there is a higher rate of fatal accidents with these types of bikes than other bikes, such as touring bikes, cruisers, and standard motorcycles.  Bikers who ride high performance bikes are twice as likely to die in a motorcycle crash than those who ride the other types of bikes.  Riders of more “conventional” bikes tend to be older than 40 years of age.  Some of the things that a rider can do to minimize risk include the following:

      • Wear bright, reflective clothing – these bikes are small, so it is important to make oneself as visible as possible;
      • Stay in the lane – although it may be tempting to maneuver the smaller bike around slower moving vehicles or between lanes of stopped traffic, it is important to stay in the middle of the lane and follow the traffic patterns.  Many accidents happen when bikers do not adhere to the lane markers and split the lanes because the biker does not have the space to move out of the way of potential hazards;
      • Do not drive while impaired – whether the impairment is caused by drugs, alcohol, or fatigue, it is important to avoid getting onto a bike when the rider is not at his or her most alert.  Even prescription drugs can lead to slower reaction times at a critical moment; and
      • Comply with the traffic rules – it is critical to follow the posted speed limit and all other traffic regulations.

High performance bikes are a great source of enjoyment, but it is important to take care to avoid unnecessary risks.  However, regardless of the type of bike that you ride, when there is an accident caused by the negligence of another person, it is critical to get the right legal advice as soon as possible.

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Motorcycle riders are at greater risk of injury based on the lack of protections on the bike such as a steel frame and airbags.  Bikers often suffer horrific injuries from impact with other vehicles, the pavement, or fixed objects.  If you were in an accident caused by the negligence of another person, the skilled Louisville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Murphy & Associates, PLC can help you get the justice that you deserve.  Call us at (502) 305-9657 to schedule an appointment so that we can learn what happened to you and develop a legal strategy that works for you and your family.