In the chaos following a collision with another motor vehicle, there are many things that must happen in order to get help for the injured and move disabled vehicles out of the road.  However, there are some things that should not happen at an accident scene of immediately afterwards.  Five things that a person involved in a car accident should not do include:

  • Do not admit liability – There are times when a person is involved in an accident and is confused in the immediate aftermath.  In many car crashes, the real cause of the accident will not be known for days or weeks.  Do not make any statements that you are at fault, at least in part, because the emotions at the time may conceal the true cause of the accident.  There is no reason to make any statements about fault at the time of the accident;
  • Do not let the other party talk you out of calling the police – Although there are times when the police will not send an officer to the scene of an accident, it always is a good idea to call the police.  These trained investigators will take down information and create an official report, which may be very important in any litigation that arises out of the accident.  The other party may try to avoid police involvement, but do not let that stop you from calling the police, reporting the accident, and requesting that a police officer be sent to the scene;
  • Do not rely on information gathered by others – Even if it seems like you are duplicating the efforts of a police officer at the scene, you should take down the details of the other driver, including vehicle description and license plate, as well as a description of the driver.  This is important if the other driver tries to assert that he or she was not driving.  Taking photographs of the accident with your smart phone can be very helpful in the long run;
  • Do not let witnesses leave the scene without getting their contact information – There often are witnesses to a car accident.  Sometimes, they will stay long enough to make certain that the right help is on its way, but then will disappear, never to be heard from again.  Try to get their names and contact information before they leave the scene of the accident; and
  • Do not skip the doctor’s visit – For many accident victims, it is common to assume that the injuries sustained in the accident are not that severe.  This leads them to avoid emergency medical care and a doctor’s appointment for some time after an accident.  When the extent of the injuries finally become known, the victim goes to get medical help, but the timeline now is off and the representatives of the insurance company will use this to try to offer a low settlement or fight for a decreased jury award.  A complete medical examination as soon as possible will ensure necessary treatment is started right away.  In addition, the treating physician may play an important role in any legal claims that are brought.

One thing that you should do as soon as possible after being involved in a serious car crash is contact experienced attorneys.  Attorneys who specialize in car accidents will understand how to gather additional evidence and build a strong case.

Murphy & Associates Works Hard for Accident Victims

After a car accident, there are many things that may change.  A victim no longer may be able to work at the job he held before the accident.  In addition, there may be ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation that extends for many years. Any settlement or jury award will need to compensate for the many losses of the victim, as well as the pain and suffering that he experienced.  The skilled and dedicated Kentucky Personal Injury Attorneys at Murphy & Associates will fight for your rights.  To schedule an initial case evaluation, please call us at (502) 473-6464.