It is no secret that a car accident takes a toll on any children involved or affected by it. In car accident cases where children are involved, the child may be traumatized or physically injured, and is more susceptible to critical or fatal injuries. Unfortunately, car accidents involving children occur far too frequently on Kentucky roadways. What makes an already devastating situation worse is that in many cases, the car accident is due to the negligence of adults. In some cases, even parents, guardians, or childcare providers may be negligent and cause a car accident.

One story about a Louisville car accident highlights the importance of driving safely when children are in the vehicle, and ensuring that they are properly secured. Recently, a Louisville mother was involved in a head-on collision with another car. Following the accident, police discovered that there were two minor children in the car with her at the time of the accident. Neither child was wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred. After the accident, the grandmother of the children removed them from the accident scene. They were later taken to a local children’s hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Police investigating the accident scene discovered several open beer containers in the vehicle and smelled alcohol on the mother. Reports indicate that blood alcohol testing confirmed that the driver was over the legal limit, with a blood-alcohol level of .303. The driver has been charged with DUI, wanton endangerment, endangering a minor, possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages, and failure to have insurance. Reports immediately following the accident did not divulge whether the driver or passengers of the other vehicle were injured.

The Consequences of Traumatic Accidents

Stories like this one serve as a vivid example of the dangers of car accidents for children involved. In this case, and many others like it across the United States, children suffer physically and emotionally. What’s more, they may even be separated from their parents if negligence was a contributing factor. Not only was this Kentucky mother violating state law, she was willfully endangering her own children and the lives of other individuals on the roadway.

Car accidents are difficult enough to understand for adults. Children often suffer more in these accidents due to their inability to process exactly what has happened to them. The psychological effects of a car accident can have a lasting impact on children as they work through their ordeal and try to heal. It is important that every driver on Kentucky roadways chooses to obey the law by properly restraining children, never operating a vehicle while impaired, and always having proper insurance coverage.

Not only was this accident traumatic for the children involved, it will likely be particularly challenging for the driver that was struck head-on. The mother in this case is facing criminal charges and did not have insurance, both of which will complicate claims to recover damages that the other driver suffered in the accident. It will be vital for the other driver to find out exactly what his or her rights are regarding uninsured motorist claims or personal injury claims.

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