Kentucky Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Three Common Car Crash Injuries

Kentucky Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Three Common Car Crash Injuries

A car crash may involve another vehicle hitting a car that is stopped at a traffic light, broadsiding a vehicle in an intersection, slamming into a car in a head-on wreck, or a number of other serious impacts. This leads to many different types of injuries from cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injury. There are some injuries that are common, even in low speed accidents. The three most common types of injuries are headaches, sprains and strains of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and whiplash.

Headaches – Most people who are involved in a car crash will suffer from some form of headache after a car accident. This may be caused by the stress of the accident or there may be an underlying injury. Although headaches are common, it is very important for an accident victim to pay attention to a headache that lasts for more than one or two days after an accident. There could be a serious medical cause where emergency medical intervention is necessary to prevent severe harm.

Sprains and strains – Damage to the soft tissue is a frequent event after a car crash. This type of injury may result from over-extension of joints during the violence of the collision. There are many types of soft tissue injuries, including bruising, stretching, ripping, and tearing. When a person has injured soft tissue during an accident, he may experience aches and pain in the damaged muscles, joint pain, decreased range of motion in the injured joint, stiffness or tenderness at the injury site, radiating pain, weakness, or numbness in an area of the body harmed. At times, the pain appears to be coming from one area of the body, but is the result of damage to another area. A doctor should complete a thorough clinical evaluation of an accident victim and order diagnostic tests, such as MRIs, CAT scans, and x-rays. While some soft tissue injuries heal relatively quickly on their own, others may require surgery and long-term rehabilitation.

Whiplash – This is one of the most common types of injuries and remains one of the most misunderstood. Whiplash is a colloquial term that refers to damage to the soft tissue of the neck, as well as some types of damage to the disks in the neck vertebrae and the nerve tissue of the spinal cord. Whiplash injuries occur because of the sudden over-extension of the neck during an impact, followed by a rapid flexion, or snapping back into position. A person suffering from a whiplash injury is going to experience pain in the neck or the upper part of the back. There also may be headaches, tenderness, stiffness, radiating pain, or a burning sensation in the neck, shoulder and upper back area. Due to the fact that the term “whiplash” covers several different types of injuries, there are many different types of pain from which a victim might suffer. Although whiplash can heal on its own relatively quickly, it also may lead to long-term damage. Many studies now reveal the extent of the harm suffered by whiplash victims for the remainder of their lives after the severe injury. It is critical for an accident victim suffering from signs of whiplash to consult a doctor immediately.

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