According to findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as well as other researchers, when motorists are drunk:

  • One of the first things to start to deteriorate is their sense of judgment. In fact, at BACs as low as 0.02, motorists can start showing impaired judgment behind the wheel.
  • Their abilities to focus on all of the necessary driving tasks become significantly impaired. This typically leaves drunk drivers either concentrating on a single task or not focusing on any tasks behind the wheel.
  • They are also less capable of understanding the driving situation around them, affecting their interpretation of and response to driving conditions. This can be deadly when immediate comprehension and reaction to an emergency situation is necessary to avoid a serious auto collision.
  • Their reaction times can be delayed by as much as 25 percent (when compared to sober states/drivers). This significantly opens up the risk of a car accident.
  • Their visual acuity can be reduced by as much as 32 percent, and this can, in turn, prevent them from seeing important visual cues. In other words, being drunk can result in risky tunnel vision, as well as impaired depth perception, both of which also greatly increase the risk of an accident.

This combination of factors can mean that, when drunk, motorists’ risk of getting into a traffic accident increases by at least eight times.

Protecting Yourself Against Drunk Drivers

Although you cannot control the sobriety of other motorists on the road, here’s what you can do to minimize the chances that you’ll be in an accident with a drunk driver:

  • Stay sober and attentive behind the wheel.
  • Drive defensively and always comply with traffic laws.
  • Report drunk drivers to the authorities (if you see motorists on the road who may not be sober).

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