In 2012, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) published a special investigation report on wrong-way driving.  The study listed factors leading to automobiles traveling the wrong direction down divided highways.  Not surprisingly, the primary cause of drivers traveling the wrong way was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Another common cause of wrong-way driving is confused, elderly drivers.  However, elderly drivers usually quickly realize they are traveling in the wrong direction and pull over.  Most wrong-way accidents occur at night and near urban areas.

Preventing Wrong-Way Driving

Federal, state, and local governments try to alert drivers by placing multiple large red-and-white signs alerting drivers that they are entering an interstate going the wrong direction.  In June 2014, Texas began placing lighted wrong-way signs and radar systems in areas with multiple instances of wrong-way collisions.

Phoenix has tested multiple systems to reduce wrong-way accidents, including using microwaves, radar and thermal sensors to detect wrong-way drivers entering highways on exit ramps.

How Can I Protect Myself From Wrong-Way Drivers? 

Studies by government transportation agencies and law enforcement suggest a number of ways to avoid collisions with wrong-way drivers.  The odds of avoiding a collision with a wrong-way driver are best if you:

  1. A report by the California Highway Patrol says “The only real defense against the wrong-way driver is to watch well ahead.
  2. Be especially vigilant at night and near urban areas.
  3. Impaired drivers going the wrong-way will typically travel in what they think is the right (slow) lane. This is especially dangerous because for vehicles traveling the correct direction, this is the far left (fast) lane.  The odds of avoiding these drivers is best if you drive in the right-hand lane(s).

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