Bluegrass Pain Consultants Raided by the FBI

Patients of Bluegrass Pain Consultants in Louisville, Kentucky and LaGrange, Kentucky are left without pain medication this week. Bluegrass Pain Consultants offices were recently raided and shut down by federal law enforcement agents. Patients who presented prescriptions to local pharmacies were told any prescriptions from Bluegrass Pain Consultants would not be honored because of the federal law enforcement action.

These events have left many wondering why the clinics were raided. Bluegrass pain consultants was a prescriber of opioid pain medication. It is unknown whether or not this is related to the reason for the raid, however, laws on prescribing opioid pain medication are strict and many providers have run afoul of regulations and mandatory procedures for these prescriptions. Other cases of government involvement in the past with medical clinics have sometimes involved Medicare and Medicaid billing practices and insurance fraud.

One thing is certain, while this situation unfolds, hundreds of individuals are left without pain medication and without doctors. Murphy & Associates is currently investigating multiple cases against Bluegrass Pain Consultants. If you were a patient of Bluegrass Pain Consultants, please contact our firm today to speak with an attorney about your rights. You may be eligible to be part of a lawsuit against Bluegrass Pain Consultants. If you were deprived medication due to improper practices by Bluegrass Pain Consultants, then you may have suffered injury that can be presented in this lawsuit. Call us today for a free consultation at 502-473-6464.

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