Traffic accidents tend to happen when you least expect them. While getting into a car crash can be upsetting, knowing what to do, as well as what to avoid doing, in the aftermath can help you stay focused while protecting a future claim.

Common mistakes to avoid making after a wreck include:

  1. Leaving the scene and/or failing to call the police – These two mistakes can be made, for instance, when people are in a hurry, or they think they may have been at least partially at fault for a crash. Making these mistakes, however, can complicate a future claim, especially if an auto insurance policy specifically requires policyholders to report collisions to the police. What’s more, drivers can be mistaken about their level of fault, and failing to report the crash to police can obscure this fact (as it may be uncovered via the police investigation of the accident).
  2. Failing to seek medical care as soon as possible – Get checked out by EMTs at the scene or your doctor as soon as possible after the wreck. In many cases, auto accident victims will not be aware of the extent of their injuries due to factors like shock or injuries not displaying any immediate symptoms. Seeing a doctor can ensure the proper care is administered ASAP and that the severity of the injuries sustained is documented in medical records/reports.
  3. Admitting fault for the crash – At any point after the accident, never admit any fault for causing the crash, regardless of whether you may believe you could have been to blame. Among the parties to keep your guard up around, when it comes to admissions of fault, include other drivers at the scene, witnesses to the crash, police at the scene, and insurance companies.
  4. Waiting too long to report the crash to the insurance company – Putting this off can complicate an auto accident claim, especially if the terms of a policy require that accidents be reported within a certain time frame of crashes.
  5. Making an official statement to insurers too soon – Official statements usually mean recorded statements. Agreeing to do this too soon following a crash can increase the chances of forgetting to provide important details or mistakenly admitting fault for the crash. So, don’t agree to make a statement until you are confident that you are ready – and possibly until you have talked to an attorney.
  6. Failing to consult a lawyer – An attorney can inform you of your best options for financial recovery, evaluate settlement offers and/or protect and advance your interests moving forward. Without a lawyer on your side, it’s far more likely that your claim, your rights and/or your financial recovery will be compromised.

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