You are a responsible driver, and you have been diligent about paying for auto insurance. So, when a car accident happens and it’s time to turn to your insurance company for support and compensation, you may be surprised to learn that your insurer:

  • Is actually not on your side and, instead, is usually looking out for the company’s interests and profits
  • May go to some lengths to undervalue or even deny your valid claim.

While this may be surprising news, it’s important to remember that you have rights and that, when insurers wrongly deny auto insurance claims, you can turn to a trusted Louisville car accident attorney at Murphy & Associates, PLC.

Common Ways Insurers Deny Valid Auto Collisions Claims

Insurance companies can try to deny legitimate auto accident claims by arguing that:

1 – The driver/claimant was at fault for the accident.

In some cases, insurers may deny claims because their investigations reportedly find that motorists were at fault (or the most at fault) for having caused a collision. For instance, agents may allege that drivers:

  • Admitted to causing the accident (either directly to the insurer or to those at the scene of the accident)
  • Were named the at-fault party by other involved motorists and/or in the police report for the collision.

2 – The claimant’s policy has lapsed/is no longer valid.

Alternatively, legitimate auto collisions claims can be denied by insurance agents on the basis that a policy is no longer valid. In such cases, insurers may contend that a policyholder:

  • Stopped paying (or missed paying) the premiums for the policy
  • Never renewed the auto insurance policy
  • Did something else that would cause the policy to be invalid.

3 – The policy does not cover the type of accident associated with the claim.

It may also be possible for insurers to try to issue denials of valid auto accident claims by contending that some coverage does not apply for a given claim. For example, insurers may try to allege that a policyholder doesn’t have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage when a hit-and-run accident claim may be filed.

When Insurers Deny Valid Auto Accident Claims…

  • Appealing the decision and fighting back will be essential.
  • Insurers can be liable for acting in bad faith by denying valid auto accident claims. For instance, post-claim underwriting is an illegal practice commonly used to deny valid car accident claims. When this occurs, insurers can be ordered to pay punitive damages.
  • It’s critical that people retain an experienced lawyer – like a Louisville car accident attorney at Murphy & Associates, PLC – for the best chances of succeeding in their financial recovery.

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